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Meet the minds behind The Natural Aesthetic & Apothecary!

Why does it just feel right to start this off with, "Once upon a time.."? But I digress. So we will start with a Hi!! We are honored that you felt inclined to read our blog post introducing ourselves. The Natural Aesthetic & Apothecary was founded in 2022 by Nichole and Lauren after many lunchroom conversations that led to taking our first online class with The Herbal Academy. If you were a fly on the wall for some of the conversations that Nichole and Lauren had about the need and demand they saw in providing natural remedies for everyday ailments, you would probably think they were a little coocoo for coco puffs and relatively hilarious. Just sayin'!

We found our passion. There's no denying that! Let's dive into a little background about Nichole. Nichole was born and bred in the 717. She grew up causing a ruckus in and around Perry County and eventually transitioned that ruckus tornado into Cumberland County. Growing up, Nichole loved working on cars, being a cheerleader (what? really? yes. really.), hiking her way through Cumberland County, and working to be the independent boss b*tch she is today. While working three jobs, Nichole enrolled at Central Penn College to expand her horizons into the medical field. She knew at a young age that she was passionate about helping people, she just wasn't exactly sure in what capacity. After receiving her Associates Degree from Central Penn College, she began working in the eye industry while continuing to soak up information in her newly discovered passion that was Essential Oils.

Nichole has been a Doterra rep for 10 years! Believe it, or not, that was just the beginning. Years ago, Nichole was diagnosed with a couple auto immune diseases that aren't heavily known or researched. Because of some of the effects she was feeling from these auto-immune issues, she turned her interest to Herbalism. Through a more natural route, Nichole has created homemade organic products that have eased or reduced some of her flare-ups caused by her auto-immune issues. How freaking cool is that?!

Fast forward to 2008 when feisty (all gas no breaks) Nichole met her husband, Ricky. Ricky knew Nichole was a force to be reckoned with after she climb on the back of his motorcycle and spouted off more knowledge about the engine capabilities than needed. If you're a Fast and Furious fan, think Letty Ortiz. Needless to say, Ricky was hooked. He put a ring on it in 2013 and their life together has been nothing short of whirlwind of engine grease, camping, big trucks, two babies, hard work, and sass to make life interesting.

Nichole is one of the most real people you'll ever meet. She always does the right thing for the right reason and believes that, "If you talk about it, be about it." A true defender of those that cannot defend themselves. Come by our shop on Monday, Thursday, or Friday to meet her!

The next owner introduction is a real piece of work. HA! Just kidding. (Well mostly kidding).. The "other half" of The Natural Aesthetic & Apothecary is Lauren. Born in Tacoma, Washington Lauren was a true military brat that moved all around the world. This means there was no containing her ruckus tornado. Growing up, Lauren enjoyed nerdy things like scrapbooking and sudoku as well as biking, volleyball, and taking care of animals. (So many kittens & Lauren is allergic to cats so it was a toxic kind of love.) Super fast forward from loving on animals, Lauren's family relocated to PA where she graduated High School and enrolled at West Chester University. After 4 years, she received her Bachelors Degree in Marketing & International Business. As she sits here now reflecting on college, she says out loud, "Great I have this expensive piece of what?" After 3 years in the Marketing realm, she realized that she wanted the ability to be more creative in her field. Similar to Nichole's situation, Lauren knew creativity was her calling, but the pending question was how to harness it.

In a leap of faith, Lauren quit her very cozy job in Boston, MA, packed up her Honda Civic with everything she had, and drove back to PA to enroll in Esthetics School. How is this at all related to Marketing? I guess you could say, it's the ability to be creative. Skincare is an art and it's a side hustle Lauren has always been passionate about. And life is too short to do anything you aren't passionate about! After passing her boards and becoming a licensed Esthetician, she met her husband, Micah. How did they meet? Well, you know...classic millennial style...on Hinge. A dating app. After a not well planned date on New Years Day of 2019, Lauren was bedazzled by Micah's tallness and viking style beard and Micah was hypnotized by Lauren's booty and rapping skills. Lauren successfully tied down Micah in 2021 and they have a baby on the way. No, they aren't finding out the gender until the day of and it's annoying. (Hello! There are only so many grey, yellow, green, and neutral things out there!)

With her Marketing degree and Esthetics license, Lauren met Nichole at their last place of employment and their conversations on skincare blossomed. Until one day, Nichole and Lauren decided that talking about all-natural skincare and healthcare options wasn't enough. That's when the magic happened. And don't get excited because we're talking about business plans. FOCUS! It was during one of their very serious (only not serious at all) business brainstorm sessions that The Natural Aesthetic & Apothecary was born.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little!

Check out our Instagram @the_natural22 or our Facebook page The Natural Aesthetic & Apothecary. We have open hours during the week (minus Tuesdays) and we are open on the weekends by appointment only. Cheers!


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