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About Us

"A holistic approach to health can be the ounce of prevention that is worth a pound of cure."

We hope to bring you on a journey to broaden your scope of knowledge and appreciation for the wonders that exist in your own back yard.


Our Story

The meeting of the minds behind The Natural Aesthetic & Apothecary came about in 2019 when Nichole scheduled an interview with Lauren for a Medical Aesthetician position. It wasn't long before a casual conversation in the lunchroom led to theoretical sparks flying around their mutual interest that was all things herbalism.  After many more conversations a friendship bloomed which led them to The Herbal Academy, with the decided day of study conveniently lining up with the new episodes of the tv series, Yellowstone. Shortly after diving into their classes at The Herbal Academy, they began brainstorming and daydreaming about creating a space that would offer products and services from the earth without any harmful chemicals. All while keeping the companies' footprint on the planet to a minimum. 

The hope and goal for the Natural Aesthetic and Apothecary is to create a culture that is inviting for everyone. Stop in and say Hi! They cannot wait to show you some of the things your very own back yard has to offer. 

Urban Gardening

Meet The Team

Our Mission

We aspire to provide a natural alternative to improve individuals' overall skincare health and wellness by utilizing natural, sustainable, and organic products as a safer and more effective skincare option on a retail and services basis.

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